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Packaging Development & MAP

Packaging, along with a carefully managed cold chain, plays a key role in ensuring that your produce reaches consumers as fresh as possible. Perfecting your packaging system can help you gain a significant edge over your competitors.

Postharvest Hub possess extensive practical experience in packaging engineering, whether you are using MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) or not.

Understanding the physiology of the specific commodity and looking at the logistics involved from farm to fork allows Postharvest Hub to design and implement the ideal packaging alternative to maximize your return.

Postharvest Hub fresh produce process implementation, apples in machinery

Technology & Machines  

Postharvest Hub strives to remove bottlenecks within your overall operations and identify flaws in machine design and processes that may compromise the quality of your product.

During his many years in the global postharvest industry, Shay Zeltzer has built an extensive network of engineers and other professionals on which he calls to assist in finding and implementing tailored solutions that increase your productivity, improve the quality of your delivered produce and maximize your return on investment.

Postharvest Hub quotation mark

Shay is passionate about what he does. He is a consummate professional in his approach and a gentlemen in respect to his interactions with people at all levels in any organization. 

-- Don Stidham, Director BT9

Tech & Machines
Postharvest Hub, Operations and Processes Audit image of workers packaging fresh produce

Operations and Processes Audit

PostharvestHub, led by Shay Zeltzer, brings many years of experience and sensitive eye for operation pot-holes and inefficiencies in operations, freshness protection, produce handling and food safety enables him to conduct expert audits for high-investment operations, small family farms and Co-ops.

In audit visits PostharvestHub's specialists identify ways for the operation to improve. The resulting audit report presents the as-is situation, suggests the best scenario and presents practical ways to get there.

View a Sample Report

Operations that have successfully used PostharvestHub's audit service are growers, packers and distributors including Dole, Gourmet Trading, SunFed, VinEco, J&J Produce, Alpine Fresh, 2BFresh, GloriAnn (Prima Bella) and others.

Postharvest Hub quality standardization for fresh produce packaging

Fresh Cut & Retail

The demand for innovative packaging is greater than ever before. Consumers demand the convenience of prewashed and cut fruits and vegetables, while disruptors such as Amazon, Blue Apron and others are shaking up conventional wisdoms about how food is delivered. To meet these new challenges, engineers are developing sophisticated new machines and materials to ensure freshness all the way to consumers’ refrigerators.

Postharvest Hub, with both experience and fundamental knowledge in the fresh cut retail category, makes it a priority to keep up on the latest developments in order to recommend the best solution for each individual client.

Fresh Cut
Postharvest Hub quote

Shay is a breadth of knowledge, reputable, reliable, and a great person all-around.

-- Matt Mandel, VP Operations SunFed

Postharvest Hub, food safety image of safely processing fresh produce

Food Safety  

Implementing certification programs to improve food safety is important, but as everyone in the field knows, they fall short when it comes to absolutely preventing outbreaks of illnesses caused by various bacteria.

In 2011 the Obama administration initiated a sweeping reform to the US food safety laws by shifting focus to preventing contamination rather than responding to it. This requires rigid hygiene practices that must be implemented and monitored daily along with hands-on training for staff at all levels.

With many years of experience in the field, Postharvest Hub offers comprehensive solutions to ensure that pathogenic bacteria don't kill your business.

Food Safety
Postharvest Hub, sustainable agriculture image of fresh tomatoes on a vine before packaging

Sustainable Agriculture

The reality is that in most areas where crops are grown, water is scarce and the cost of fertilizer has increased. A successful producer is one who will be able to grow more using less. On another front, controlling pests and disease has become increasingly challenging as insects quickly develop resistance to existing pesticides.

Postharvest Hub employs novel production processes and their supporting technologies along with environmentally stable pest control methods to cut water usage, reduce fertilizer application and control insect damage while increasing crop yield and profitability.

Sustainable Ag
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