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Postharvest Hub was founded on the principle of making expertise and experience affordable and accessible to all in the fresh produce industry—young startups and established corporations alike.

Postharvest Hub Environmentally sustainable operations

Postharvest Hub combines established and groundbreaking technologies with proven processes and protocols to address your postharvest challenges.

Postharvest Hub was founded by Shay Zeltzer in 2012 to address various postharvest challenges for businesses looking to excel in a highly competitive industry. Shay understands that companies are often hyper-focused on the day to day operations of their businesses. This leaves little or no time to learn about and evaluate the latest technological advances. Ironically, it’s these technologies that can provide the competitive edge needed to propel them to excel in their market.


Shay's can-do approach helps growers, packers, exporters, importers, distributors, cold chain logistics providers and others in the postharvest industry obtain and implement advanced technology and best practices for their companies.

Shay holds an Executive MBA from the Tel Aviv University and an MSc in Postharvest Physiology from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Postharvest Hub, Shay Zeltzer, founder of Postharvest Hub,

Shay Zeltzer, founder of PostharvestHub, has led the development of packaging solutions that are today widely accepted in the fresh produce industry.

During his career, Shay Zeltzer has pushed for a more sustainable approach in farming, introduced a paradigm-breaking fertigation management system, replaced chlorine wash system with a safer and environmentally friendly PAA wash and has introduced best practices that reduce the waste of fresh produce to near zero percent.


As the founder of Postharvest Hub, Zeltzer combines his broad knowledge and diversified experience with a thorough understanding of postharvest economics and logistics to propel his clients to become leading players in the postharvest industry.

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Shay's strengths are his creativity, professionalism, and ability to work closely with those who do not have his extensive technical expertise. Shay was committed and dedicated to assisting us with our ongoing project, and always kept an open mind and pleasant attitude.

-- Yair Crane, Prime Produce

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