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AGC Analyzers for testing gas headspace in food packaging

AGC Map Pak 2 Combi Postharvest Hub

MAP-Pak Combi

AGC’s Map-Pak Combi is the ultimate instrument for measuring gas composition in food packaging. It is ideal for use in food plants, food technology development laboratories, controlled food packaging, ventilation and storage facilities, as well as quality assurance and research labs.

MAP-Pak Combi measures oxygen and carbon dioxide values ​​and presents a computational value of nitrogen concentration.

All AGC gas analysers are reliable, easy to carry and operate and do not require complicated and expensive maintenance. 

Postharvest Hub is the exclusive representative of AGC in Israel.  

AGC Map Pak 2 Combi in Case Postharvest Hub

MAP-Pak Combi with printer and carrying case

AGC Gas Analysers Features and Benefits --

  • Fast sampling (15 seconds)

  • Determines sample volume (low - 6 ml, medium - 30 ml, high - 50 ml)

  • Portable and easy to operate (dedicated carrying case)

  • Easy-to-read display even in limited lighting conditions

  • Alert sounds when sampling tube is blocked

  • Sounds alert when predefined target values are exceeded

  • Includes test date and time stamp

  • Records name of tester (after registration on the device)

  • Calibrates atmospheric oxygen values ​​at user level

  • Works up to 8 continuous hours (battery status indication and automatic battery saving shutdown included) 

  • Stores up to 100 results  

  • Dedicated software for download of measurement data 

  • Optional thermal printer for printing measurement results

  • Optional calibration entry of unique gas mixtures

Map-Pak Combi

AGC Map Pak 2 Combi Postharvest Hub

In-the-field measurement of 10 critical values 

imacimus (25) Postharvest Hub
Postharvest Hub MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), image of a warehouse for fresh produce

AGC GAS ANALYZERS are used around the world to identify, monitor and control gases in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and controlled atmosphere (CA) facilities.


AGC monitoring systems are tailored to customers’ needs. They are simple to operate and require minimal maintenance.


Based on the Company's extensive R&D activities, AGC gas analyzers are available with a wide range of gas sensors, enabling detection of unique gas flows.


AGC’s development and production center is located in Ireland.The company has 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing gas analysis systems.


AGC meets ISO 9001 and UKAS quality standards.

AGC Instruments logo
nqa ISO 9001 Registered icon

Imacimus integrated measuring device for testing nutrients 

imacimus (25) Postharvest Hub
Case for Imacimus integrated measuring device
Imacimus device

Imacimus - The ultimate measuring instrument for farmers, designed for daily, in-the-field measurement of 10 critical values for the proper development of plants.


The device measures nitrogen values (nitrate and confidence, each separately), potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, chloride, pH, EC, and water hardness.


This manual, reliable device is easy to carry and operate and does not require complicated and expensive maintenance.

Postharvest Hub is the sole representative of Imacimus in Israel.  

Advantages of the device:

  • Daily field tests to improve fertilizer accuracy and increase yield

  • Accurate measurement and immediate answer regarding main fertilizer components

  • Simultaneous measurement of 10 parameters

  • Monitoring deficiency/excess of nutrients (nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, and calcium)

  • Early monitoring of saline (sodium, chlorides)

  • A complementary tool for periodic field laboratory tests

  • Simple to operate and requires no training

  • Enables saving of resources and preserving the environment

imacimus  close up image
imacimus in the field
Imacimus Probe
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