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Postharvest Hub relies on a broad knowledge, +20 years of experience in the field along with a fundamental understanding of the market, the product and the available solutions to uncover hidden value and opportunity for your produce business.


From packaging development (MAP, MA/MH, CAP) through GAP, food safety certifications and quality standardization to environmentally sustainable operations, machine specifications and processes implementation, Postharvest Hub can help you realize a greater return on your investment.

Shay has a great ability to come into a situation and see where there is room for improvement. He has a strong knowledge of the entire fresh produce supply chain, the latest packaging technologies, post harvest best practices, as well optimal cold chain management.

-- Julia Inestroza, Gourmet Trading


Postharvest Hub develops advanced MA packaging protocols for leading persimmon grower/exporter with added benefit of auto de-astringency of fruit while in transit for increased ROI. LEARN MORE >

Protocol and packaging developed by Postharvest Hub and ROP ensure that lychees retain their natural, harvested color and flavorful taste throughout the distribution chain. LEARN MORE > 

Whatever your role in the fresh produce industry – grower to retailer – our international experience and know-how will take your business to the next level.

Let's discuss your greatest postharvest challenge to see how we can uncover hidden value and opportunity in your produce business.

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